Michael Jackson and the New Millenium: Sony/ATV Ten Years Loan?

The Michael Jackson projected into the New Millennium was no longer the man who shared the podium with the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagan; aside the new artistic maturity and quality of contents production, ten years later, he was “poorer”. (“poor” in the broad sense, considering his privileged status).

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What every fan should keep in mind – when reading something about Michael Jackson –  is what the MAN himself told us in words/verses and have an idea how music industry works.  Then, Michael Jackson words become crystal clear. Michael Jackson was not a newbie, neither naive nor ignorant. He knew the business very well. He grew up […]

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The Michael Jackson Estate vs IRS trial update

The premise regarding the dispute between the Michael Jackson Estate and IRS is that nobody’s win in this judgment case (although some fans and people see it as a win-lose battle). The point is that the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate “screwed up” big time and went under IRS scrutiny implementing values to some […]

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