Who’s familiar with the 1973 novel written by Sidney Sheldon easily can understand the meaning of this blog: present to readers what can be view on the other side of the news through documents while studying the timeline of the events: powerful relationships, secrets, intrigues of the music industry.

Suspicious activities, detrimental financial transactions covering hidden business deals and possible criminal practices that are on the borders of legality. All of the above has been haunting Michael Jackson’s for almost all of his life.

Even his own fans have adjusted by now and comply with the global fairytale that pictures him like a classic example of “Insanity and genius”. Definitely superficial in the field of financial business? It could be … but what for did he paid legions of specialists if eventually found himself prey to banks and loan sharks?

What you will read here are matters never reported – or partially and wrongly reported –  by the media. Why should a tabloid engage much time a journalist to make a fair report on Michael Jackson? It doesn’t sell! And doesn’t satisfy the public imaginary. It also too uncomfortable to be revealed, it could have had compromise advertising contracts, reputation, and shares audience. Odd enough, all court/contractual papers were material available to press when it happened.There is no material “sealed” in here.

Then there is the human side of the relationships. This is something that it must be interpreted alone and it will become the cornerstone of your opinion. I have mine already.

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