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The 2006 “New York Time” Stream Of Drivel On Michael Jackson Finance.

The inaccuracy and the falsehood of a New York Time article related Michael Jackson financial crisis in 2006 before the public eyes, compared to what actually was the real situation behind closed doors.

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Michael Jackson’s Refinancing Assets? Ok: We want Everything You Own.

How and why Michael Jackson corporate investment loans with Bank Of America ended up in the hands of a company specialized in distressed debts and risky investments such Fortress Corp. Michael Jackson assets were NOT overleveraged entities neither at risk of impending bankruptcy. But it is evident that someone or something was actively working behind […]

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“SMASH HITS” Magazine, January 6, 1983 . . .or are they all round at Michael Jackson’s placemaking platinum-selling records and movies? An everyday story of rich and famous folk, starring Steven Spielberg and Adam Ant and Paul McCartney and Mark Ellen.

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