Industry “Image building” in the ’80 and the success of Prince, Ray Parker Jr., and Michael Jackson. Read More


Among the group of vultures that surrounded Michael Jackson for most of his life, Myung-Ho Lee – considering the short time he acted as a business adviser – turned out as a central figure in Michael Jackson debt affairs. What was spread by Myung-Ho Lee to the press it was nothing also that pure poisoned retaliation aiming to extort some extra money and get the lawyer fees paid by Michael Jackson. That’s why he disclosed MJ accounting to the press and crafted the baseless voodoo tale that only an idiot like Orth’s could collect and sell it as a gospel. Read More

The 2006 “New York Time” Stream Of Drivel On Michael Jackson Finance.

The inaccuracy and the falsehood of a New York Time article related Michael Jackson financial crisis in 2006 before the public eyes, compared to what actually was the real situation behind closed doors. Read More

Michael Jackson’s Refinancing Assets? Ok: We want Everything You Own.

How and why Michael Jackson corporate investment loans with Bank Of America ended up in the hands of a company specialized in distressed debts and risky investments such Fortress Corp. Michael Jackson assets were NOT overleveraged entities neither at risk of impending bankruptcy. But it is evident that someone or something was actively working behind the scenes to bring his assets in those conditions. Read More


SMASH HITS” Magazine, January 6, 1983

. . .or are they all round at Michael Jackson’s placemaking platinum-selling records and movies? An everyday story of rich and famous folk, starring Steven Spielberg and Adam Ant and Paul McCartney and Mark Ellen. Read More

The Alleged Story Of Plagiarism made against Michael Jackson

will you

We do not know many things about Michael Jackson, and much of what we know sometimes is pretty incorrect. He was too often flanked by teams of so-called public relations officers who seemed to do their best to help the press to bring out negative or fake news all over the world. Perhaps the youngsters do not know it, but back in 1992, Michael Jackson was accused of plagiarism. The issue ended up in court. Another false story his PR/legal entourage failed to dab still today’s. And still today this singer keep on dubious and very smart innuendos on this matter, followed up by a disingenuous and disinformed Italian media. Read More

Michael Jackson’s “Financial Problems”: Somebody Was Really Out To Finish Him


A brief timeline of the dirty corporations’ games toward the already problematic financial situation of Michael Jackson immediately after his acquittal from the 2005 criminal charges. Media trumpeting half-truth through the usual “anonymous sources” and spreading around the general public and financial institutions a distorted perception of him. Read More


In the month of November twenty-six years ago, Michael Jackson album “Dangerous” was on his way to reach the store’s shelves and it might be refreshing for old and new fans to remember how Media (NOT) welcomed this great masterpiece.

Since the news that Michael Jackson’s had a new album coming the fall of 1991, Media wondered what to expect from the ”King of Pop’s” new release ”Dangerous”. Read More


With all the goodies the Michael Jackson estate has spoiled us with during this 8 years –  fake songs – garbage remixes – DVD of grotesque quality –  probably no one noticed but strangely happened that they put some real money into the preservation of Michael Jackson’s work! And surely a good chunk. Read More

1987: the “Bad album” and Michael Jackson alone at the top

While MEDIA’s acclaim the 30 years of the BAD album today’s I remember very well that it wasn’t like that in 1987.  Michael Jackson had to earn media respect been beyond reproach for his fantastic work (As always).  Read More

Inside Quincy Jones lawsuit: Partial Judgment Verdict explained

_9d12ea2e-74cb-11e6-b2a9-95c0be591517[1]In November 2016, the Judge ruled that Sony would be a non-participant in the trial on two causes of action in Quincy Jones’ lawsuit for breach of contracts. Although Sony was a defendant in the suit, it was not a party to the trial, which was focused only on Quincy Jones breach of contract claim against MJJ Productions Inc.  Sony is not named as a defendant on those counts but is named on a third count such “accounting”.  The “expert report opinion” already on the web represent the whole claims made to Sony and MJJP.


Why a partial judgment verdict? Sony did not present yet the relevant documents and/or hired suitable experts to support and clarify the issues and damages of the “expert report”. That’s the reason why it could not be discussed during the judgment.  We would not be surprised if – at the end –  Sony will choose a way in the middle, settling the matter with a confidential agreement with Quincy Jones.  Read More

How Many Times Michael Jackson Had To Audit Sony Music?

When Michael Jackson appeared in Harlem with Al Sharpton’s National Action Network for their Music Industry Initiative, on July 6, 2002, he blamed and described the recording industry itself as racist and denounced the injustice of the music industry against artists, dead and alive.

Tabloids jumped immediately on the bandwagon and there was no shortage of media coverage of the outburst, which spectacularly backfired on him.  Most media accounts dismissed the episode as just one more example of Michael Jackson’s notoriously bizarre and eccentric behavior.  The usual mockery headlines tried to convince readers that what was happening, was not just a black-and-white issue. Read More

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